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Into The Woods

I set out from Base Camp with Miss Zoey AllStar; my plan was to do a quick scout of the surrounding area and report back to my friends at Base Camp.  Mr. Shang laughed at this strategy, but allowed us to split off as we would.  Miss Nympheas Nogah accompanied us.

Just east of Base Camp, we discovered the strange monument depicted herein.  Cast in Red, a crude effigy of a person, with two arms, two legs, and a body.  It floated there, held aloft by the branches of the trees.  Alone.  Abandoned?  We decided to press on, lest the branches give way over us.

At this point, Miss Nogah had to return to Base Camp for more suitable clothing, so I dallied for a bit with Miss AllStar.  Seeing as how we were alone in the wilderness, there were no mutual friends around to introduce us, so we were forced to introduce ourselves.  I learned that my comrade was originally from London, her mother from India, and she learned as little about my origins as possible.  

(No doubt this would be the first of many such unfortunate but unavoidable breaches of protocol.  This is perhaps the saddest part of being out of touch with civilization, such forced familiarity, but hopefully we will find some way to keep our spirits up.)

By the time we had circled around to the north, we saw from a high spot that Base Camp had already been abandoned, and so instead of finishing our initial search, we struck out North.  No doubt many Dangers await in this strange new land.  Yet onward we must trek.  



For the Glory of Free Caledon!

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