January 31st, 2007

Just Deserted

Unfortunately, my thorough exploration of this island has yielded no great treasures or secrets.  Instead, after two days, my only new discovery is how long it takes to dry out one's clothing and warm one's person when one's camfire blows out every five minutes like clockwork.*


Occasionally, a native will appear and either move towards or away from me.  Invariably, these are "new residents," and they always know less about the island than I do.  None can explain how they came to be on the island, or why they are here.  Many do not even speak the same language as me. 


I suspect that they are the output of the conservation effort I encountered in Warmouth.  I believe this island may serve as a conduit… an outlet, if you will,  through which White-shirted noobs are expelled, bewildered and blinking and tightly wrapped in freebies, into the world. 


If that is the case, then I wish these persons the best of luck.  This island is a wilderness, and it is barren, but on the mainland, the true jungle awaits!


Of note is the fact that, although they possess no great skill a building, these newcomers seem tirelessly motivated to rez great plywood cubes.  This activity usually lasts about five minutes, before their hastily-contrived creations are demolished by the wind or other forces, and they become bored with the island and fly away.


I suggest that Desmond annex this area only if he wishes to harvest its rich bounty of plywood cubes and pine-cones.  I am currently waiting for my signal-flares to dry out.  They are Ordinal's, and of the highest quality, so I am confident that even their bath in the lake will not affect their color or great brightness.


Oh, and also, the island across from this one appears to be one of the over-developed Mainland sprawls.


I think I prefer to take my chances on this barren one.

*Rather longer than one might hope or desire, that's how long!
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