January 15th, 2007

I believe I may be slightly drunk...

Continuing my journey towards the northwest, I entered the sim of Winyah, whereupon I finally came across an area that reminded me of home.  Here the streets were well laid-out and tidy, and the houses and shops were arranged neatly and well-maintained.  By far the crowning jewel of this quaint plaza, though, was Moshi Park.


As I approached the park, I discovered a sort of early-evening picnic in progress.  As I looked around, I could feel my pensiveness about the mainland slipping away.  Perhaps it was the happy sounds of the locals engaged in spirited conversation.  Maybe it was the wrought-iron works of the park fence and the way it reminded me of my beloved Caledon.  Whatever the inspiration for my mood, I felt glad as I approached Moshi Park, and I would discover that my instincts had not led me astray.

For it turns out that Moshi Park is the hub of a thriving and friendly community.  Neighbors here meet casually to eat, drink, and be merry.  Words cannot describe the lengths to which these people went to make me feel welcome… Perfect strangers greeted me warmly and entreated me to sit; I was offered a brew of local origin but of the highest quality; my tales of Caledon were met with great enthusiasm, and my Victorian mannerisms were accepted as they sought to ease my sensibilities.  By all accounts, I was welcomed into their midst.



I was later overjoyed to discover that one of my benefactors was in fact Miss Firiel McGann of Caledon!  My hosts extended an open invitation to Caledonian residents, most of whom were probably long since aslumber by that time, but Mr. Excalibur Longstaff was good enough to be an accomplice to the late-night revelry in that public park.



I will not attempt to recount all that was said that evening, nor all that occurred; suffice it to say that the residents of Moshi Park are pleasant, friendly folk.  Some of them would be right at home in our fair community, while others (such as the puppy-girl creature cavorting frockless in the flower-beds nearby) might be seen as a bit uncouth, but without exception I have found them all to be kind, friendly, and generous with gifts. 


Many have mentioned previous visits to our balmy isle, while others have expressed a desire to see firsthand the wonders I spoke of.  I daresay there may be an invasion soon, of residents from the mainland.  But if they hail from Winyah, do not fear them.  They may dress like a mainlander, and they may speak like a mainlander, but in their hearts, where it counts, they are civil.

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