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I fear that I have reached the end of my journey, both across the mainland, and upon this mortal Earth.  As I scrawl these words onto my knapsack with my right hand, I pray that when my remains are found, these words may serve as a warning to those who will come after me.


As I stumbled and flew through the chaos and bedlam of the ever-disorganized cities of The Mainland, I suddenly found myself in a fairly wide area that seemed to share a uniform purpose.  There was plenty of space between the buildings here, which all seemed to loosely share a theme.  I sought shelter within a temple reminiscent of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.


I awoke to the outraged cry of a scantily-clad native, who even now stands over me, her torso bare from her neck to her waist, her legs completely naked, even down to the bottoms of her feet.  She stands between me and the exit, brazen and defiant, her eyes shining in the firelight.  She demands to know why I have desecrated her Goddess's temple.



My time is up… she demands that I answer her… 
tell Miss Momiji…
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