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Signs of Things to Come

Heading north through several acres of woods, we discovered another strange structure.  It is unattended, and appears to serve no useful function.  We can only assume it is primitive art, perhaps holding some religious significance.

Our first glimpse of the mysterious, ineffable monoliths that dot the landscape here.

Further north, we spotted our first native!  She had dark skin and brightly colored garments.  She floated in the air, and so we did the same.  She did not respond to our greetings, and seemed to show no awareness of her environment.  After taking a snapshot, we moved on.

Just around the corner, we found yet another strange monument.  This was perhaps the strangest one of all.  I can offer no explanation for it whatsoever, as it is unlike anything I have ever encountered before.  I leave it depicted here for the reader to interpret.

Around us, lay a strange and desolate city.  Every building was different, as if jumbled together quite randomly from prims of every size, shape and color.  I could discern no unifying language, style, or architectural theme.  Every so often, a lot lay barren, deserted, save for one of the unexplained native monuments.
More striking than the eclectic clash of this city, though, was its desolation.  There was not a soul in sight.  Nothing moved, save for parts of the city that were designed to move.  They did their jobs continuously, spinning and whirling, oblivious to the fact that no one was around to see it.  Oddly enough, at the time I did not see a parallel to the spinning brass clockworks of Caledon.  Instead, I could think only of the Moors.

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